Jon Bumbaugh, founder of AMA Containers. Jon Bumbaugh, founder of AMA Containers

Our Beginnings

AMA Containers was founded in 1991 by Jon Bumbaugh. Prior to opening AMA Containers, Mr. Bumbaugh, then an employee of Continental Airlines, was recruited by the airline in 1984 to develop and implement a professional mortuary shipping program.

This program was known as Airline Mortuary Service (AMS) and was immediately successful for funeral directors engaged in shipping human remains (HRS) domestically and internationally. The AMS program initiated flat rates whereby the funeral director would be quoted one rate regardless of shipment weight from anywhere to anywhere within the U.S.

AMS enabled funeral directors to quote the exact air freight charges to their families before the shipment was delivered to the air freight facility.It also provided a toll-free 800 number for funeral directors to book an HR shipment with knowledgable agents who specialized in serving other funeral directors.

Best of all, AMS stocked airtrays and combo units at all Continental cargo facilities as another convenience for funeral directors.

AMA Containers has carried on that legacy by successfully manufacturing airtrays, combo units, cremation containers, and rental casket inserts since its inception in 1991.

AMA provides high quality containers to funeral directors throughout the USA. We ship our products from door to door via truck or to any major airport via regular flight.